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Deep Overbite Correction in Two Visits

Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery 

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Is it really possible to correct an overbite in two visits? The answer is yes by using the latest in dental technology. Not only can the overbite be corrected but there will be structural improvements to the entire face. This treatment is not just a cosmetic camouflage as with “smile dentistry” and porcelain veneers. It has profound benefits to the health of the patient in terms of TMJ stress reduction, jaw comfort, less head and neck tension and cosmetic benefits as an improved facial profile.

Deep Overbite Correction with VENLAY® Restorations

Deep Overbite Correction Before and After 2 Visits, using VENLAY<sup>®</sup> restorations.

The patient received overbite correction that structurally improved her entire facial proportions. Her face is now permanently longer with a more prominent chin position. This patient had bicuspid extractions and braces as a teenager and her face suffered from premature aging as a result. The aging process was reversed and now the patient has permanent facial support.

Do I have to have my teeth ground down?

No. The greatest benefit to this treatment is that the healthy tooth structure is preserved. In fact, it is actually enhanced with a new layer built over the short worn down teeth. The teeth are much less sensitive and the color and shape can also be improved.

My chin looks small will it look larger?

Yes. The chin position is improved quickly and easily using the VENLAY® restorations with the Face Lift Dentistry® method. The patient’s chin looks small only because of its position. Once the position is improved, the chin looks normal and the profile of the patient is instantly improved.

Is surgery needed?

No. The treatment is simply common sense. The only reason that the face looks short and the chin looks small is because of the overbite. The overbite is corrected structurally without surgery.

Face Lengthened Without Surgery

 Pictures show her face lengthened without surgery

The shape of her face is improved and now she has permanent facial support that will help her look younger for the rest of her life.  Face Lifts and facial fillers are only temporary treatment while Face Lift Dentistry® has advantages that no other method can offer.

Is it painful?

No. This patient did not even need a shot. This exclusive method of treatment does not require grinding down healthy tooth structure not jaw surgery nor braces.

I have TMJ pain will this help reduce my headaches?

Yes and the dentist will test the new jaw position in advance to prove that your pain is reduced with the improved jaw position.

My orthodontist says this is impossible.

It is impossible in his or her dental office so the dentist is right. No offense is intended but orthodontists are trained in moving teeth with braces, retainers or Invisalign ®. Dr. Muslin has also been trained in orthodontics and provided braces to his patients for nearly 20 years. He no longer treats his patients with braces because so many people wanted to have straight white teeth instantly and it is now possible. Orthodontists receive little to no training with this method of care.

Are all of the photos in this website actual patient’s of yours?

Yes and they have graciously signed release forms giving permission to show their entire face in order to help you understand the enormous potential of this treatment. The website convinced them to get this treatment and they want to pass the favor on to you. The before and after photos are untouched and unaltered photos that clearly display the actual results of this dentist.

Before and After Photos of Overbite Correction without Surgery

 Overbite Correction and improved Facial Support

This patient could not show her upper teeth because she had four permanent teeth extracted as a child when wearing braces. Now she has a full smile and teeth that support her entire face.

What is the treatment called?

It is called Face Lift Dentistry® that utilizes VENLAY® restorations to correct the overbite and support the face. There is no other treatment available that can improve the patient’s face and chin in just a week or two without surgery or loss of work.

I have had braces with four teeth extracted and I have a deep overbite, can you help me?

Yes, in fact this patient as a child, had her four bicuspids extracted, braces for several years and still had a deep overbite. Her Face Lift Dentistry® treatment, using the VENLAY® restorations, involved bite correction, a wider smile, longer teeth, whiter teeth, a larger looking chin and her facial length and profile were improved. She did not tell anyone that she was getting treatment. When she returned to work, her co-workers noticed that her facial features looked much better but they did not know what was done. Once they saw her teeth, they loved how white they were and how beautiful she looked.

Does it take long to get used to the results?

Most patients get accustomed to the new jaw position, eating, speaking and sleeping very quickly. It usually takes only about a week because the new jaw position is actually where the jaw belongs.

Dr. Sam Muslin recommends the patient to stay in Santa Monica for a couple of days after treatment to refine the results. Some do and some don’t.

Why do patients fly in from all over the world?

This dentist’s entire practice focus is on this “patent pending” method of high tech dentistry treatment. He is very talented with his hand skills and has virtually the best dental technology available and he knows how to use it.

He has been practicing for over 30 years and has extensive training in all types of dentistry. He has developed the VENLAY® restoration that can correct the bite without grinding down any of the patients healthy teeth. This is truly a technological break through.

His unique skills make traveling worth the effort because of the potential of his treatment. He treats patients that fly in from all over the world and then go back to their home town dentist for normal teeth cleanings and maintenance.

How much does it cost?

It is expensive. He is sorry but does not have a way to make this treatment less expensive because every patient is unique. The treating dentist must be a scientific artist with diagnostic and treatment skills at the very top of the profession. Keep in mind that there is no other treatment that can benefit the patient from a health and cosmetic prospective.

No other treatment can so easily reposition the lower jaw to its proper position. Cost of treatment depends on the number of teeth to be treated. Some patients have gum infections, missing teeth, failed root canals, bad crowns and severe TMJ problems. These patients are the more expensive type of patient. Patients like the one featured on this page that do not need extensive dentistry have lower costs.

How is this done?

VENLAY® restorations are bonded over the top of her healthy teeth to give them more height, a whiter color, a wider smile, correct the overbite and get longer teeth with an improved jaw position. The method of determining the best jaw position for the patient has also been developed which is why patients can fly in, get the treatment and fly back home. The treatment is highly predictable. She flew in from Louisiana because no other dentist “even talks about this type of care”. She loves her new appearance and says it is worth the trip and the expense.

How does he treat the TMJ?

He uses an ultra low x-ray technology that uses computer enhancement to create the image that helps him locate the best jaw position for the patient. It is not a CAT scan or a CT scan, which is what is in most dental offices because they expose the patient to too much radiation. These devices cannot be used to locate the best possible jaw position because the amount of radiation would be dangerous. Dr. Sam Muslin’s device uses over 700 times less radiation!

He then makes a specialized “test” appliance for the patient to wear to “test” the new jaw position and immediately see how much better their facial profile and chin position improves. The patient doesn’t know it, but during the consultation, they will unknowingly show Dr. Muslin their most ideal position. He is looking for clues during the consultation.

My dentist says he opens bites and increases vertical dimension too. What makes your treatment different?

Does her or she have any examples of full face before and after photos to prove it? Keep in mind that any dentist can brag or talk big but can they prove the quality of their care with a long list of high quality, well matched before and after photos? If not, you have the wrong dentist.

I had one of the best cosmetic dentists in the area complete my treatment and I am not happy, what can I do?

Unfortunately too many patients get treated because the dentist is close to where they live and it is easier for them. The patients think that the best cosmetic dentist in their area should be good enough. It is always best to go to the highest quality dentist possible.

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