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Neuromuscular Dentistry vs. JawTrac® Jaw Positioning

JawTrac® Alignment for the Most Comfortable Jaw Position to Optimize Your Bite and Transform Your Face

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Written by Dr. Sam Muslin | Last Updated on 10/08/2019

We are looking for the right dentist to treat us, and it may be a surprise to know that there is a wide range of differences in skill and experience between dentists. There are lots of neuromuscular dentists that use electronics that seem impressive, but as this patient found out, it cost $5,000 to go through the initial phase of wearing an "orthotic" appliance. It turned out to be a very awkward appliance that did not work for her at all. From her perspective, neuromuscular dentistry failed. To be fair, she did not go through with the treatment; she just did the first phase of testing, which failed.

The High Cost of Picking the Wrong Dentist

When we get treatment, and we are a medical professional, we get a sense very quickly about the skill level and knowledge of the doctor we are seeing. Her neuromuscular dentist had an excellent reputation, but it did not take her long to figure out that he was not going to be the person to treat her. After spending her money and listening to the neuromuscular dentist's recommendations, which was a year of braces and then jaw surgery and then hospitalization along with more braces and then "veneers and crowns on all of the teeth." She is a medical professional and she did not like what she heard. She did not like (what she calls) a "$5,000 nightguard" and decided to take her research to the internet.

No Gueswork Mouth Reconstruction and Overbite Correction

When the jawlines improved, the shape to the entire face improves. As a medical professional, she received care that required much less downtime from work and adapted to the method in a matter of days.

The Optimum Jaw Position with JawTrac® Technology

JawTrac predictable jaw position - before and after.

She wanted her deep overbite corrected, a better jawline and a wider smile and less strain and tension with her overbite.

Why is my Jaw Clicking and Popping?

Jaw click and pop because the bite is forcing the jaw joint to operate improperly. There is a disconnect between the teeth, the bite, the jaw position, and the TMJ. Sometimes it goes away after treatment and occasionally, the damage to the joint is too much to stop the clicking and popping.

Illustration showing an overbite pushing the jaw back forcing the meniscus into a stressed position which cause jaw clicking.

Overbites cause jaw tension and physical problems because of the misalignment of the bite, jaw position, and TMJ. They are not working harmoniously together.

Reversing Facial Collapse without Surgery

Signs of aging removed after the jaw moved to the ideal position - before and after photos

She has a younger appearance because of her new jaw position and the proportions of her face have also improved. Her jawline is more normal and there is less stress in her system because she has the most ideal jaw position for her anatomical structures. The facial collapse was reversed at the source.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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