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Speech Clarity and the Optimal Jaw Position

Articulation and Clarity of Speech Improved with JawTrac® Ideal Jaw Position Technology

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Written by Dr. Sam Muslin | Last Updated on 10/07/2019

We see patients that are young and old that have problems speaking clearly. A young person usually has a structural problem, and the older person usually has tongue space problems. Structural problems are generally related to the way the bite is functioning. Many patients get speech therapy, but if there are structural problems, the effectiveness of speech therapy is limited until the structural problem is resolved. We have found that you don't need jaw surgery or braces and this treatment can be completed quickly.

Enhancing Speech Clarity

All age groups have trouble speaking clearly for one reason or another. Our older patients have lost facial height because of their worn-down teeth and bite and there is not enough room for their tongue and not enough height to their jaw position in order to be able to function normally. So difficulty speaking clearly because more and more problematic especially for the older generations. Some went to see a cosmetic dentist and after getting porcelain veneers, the speaking difficulties got worse.

Difficulty Speaking Clearly

Once we realize that we have difficulty speaking, many patients try not to talk too much so that they don't embarrass themselves. It gets worse with time and sometimes anxiety and depression can result in the older generations because they don't know what to do. After all, some of them have tried everything and nothing has worked. The medical term for Speaking Difficulty is Dysarthria which is a speech disorder caused by disturbance of muscular control.

Speaking Problems and the Forward-Leaning Head Posture

Forward-Leaning Head Position and Speaking Problems corrected - Before and After Photo.

The forward-leaning head posture is related to the jaw position, which is related to the bite which is related to breathing and TMJ difficulties. In this instance, the non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry® Method transformed her life by improving all of the previously mentioned areas.

TMJ and Speech Clarity

When a patient has Dysarthria, their speech disorder could be caused by a muscular disturbance causing control problems but the speech disorder could at least be reduced by optimizing the jaw position, building the ideal bite and create the length and angles of the teeth in order to allow as much normal muscular function as possible.

Speech Problem Solution

For this patient, she had a structural problem with her bite that caused the functional problems of being able to speak clearly. Muscular control resulted from having the wrong bite, teeth lengths, and tooth angles. She had cosmetic issues that she wanted to be improved so she was asking for functionality and aesthetic results that could help her feel better.

Speech and Quality of Life Improved

She cannot hear and reads lips. This young woman had the courage to seek solutions to improve her life. She left the office and returned later. She said, "I want to hug the doctor." She hugged Dr. Muslin and said: "You have inspired me." It was an honor to treat such a remarkable person.

Function follows Form with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method

When the jaw is in the ideal position, and the right form for the teeth are coordinated with the new jaw position, normal or improved function can follow. We need to have the right form or structure in order to have improved function. The goals of the Face Lift Dentistry® Method are to establish the optimal structure for the optimal function.

The Ideal Jaw Position is Essential for Speech Clarity

Jaw Position Improved for Speech Clarity - Aesthetic Benefits in Before and After Photo

Her gummy smile was reduced, her jaw position was optimized for functionality first. Cosmetically we have a more ideal shape to her face and jawline which has allowed her speech to improve after over 10 years of speech therapy. When she read a newspaper to her parents, they were so impressed with the improvement with the clarity of speech that they broke down in tears.

Difficulty Speaking for Seniors and Grandparents

Seniors have difficulty speaking, but they are usually unaware of the problem. It slowly crept up on them over many years, and they have no idea how much their lives can improve with the functional and aesthetic aspects of this non-invasive method. Grandchildren usually speak their minds without knowing they can hurt us. They may bring up how yellow our teeth look or that they cannot understand us. The great part of grandchildren is that their honesty causes grandparents to "up their game" cosmetically and functionally. One of our recent seniors said, "You have no idea how many problems you have until you get this treatment".

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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