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The Dental Face Lift® Explained

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Everyone has an ideal bite position but few people have it. The ability to find your ideal position is the Face Lift Dentistry® method. The technological breakthrough by Dr. Sam Muslin is the ability of this method to accomplish this treatment without jaw surgery, without braces and the most important aspect is that none of your healthy teeth are ground down. This is the magic of the “new age of the NON-INVASIVE Dental Face Lift® method. The Dental Face Lift® combines all of the specialties of dentistry into a high tech treatment plan to develop the ultimate bite and facial features possible without surgery.

The Most Advanced Dentistry is the Dental Face Lift® Method.

 Most Advanced Cosmetic  Dentistry - Before and After

The Most Advanced Dentistry is the Dental Face Lift® method.

The Face Lift Dentistry® method incorporates every possible technology including Laser dentistry such as the Biolase or Luxar dental laser, neuromuscular dentistry including the Myomonitor III and the J-4 Myomonitor, Joint Vibration Analysis or JVA and Biosciences JVA, Procera crowns, Lava crowns, Empress crowns. Cerec Computerized Dentistry or CAD/CAM Dentistry and advanced dental labs as Da Vinci Labs, Micro Dental Labs, Mac Dental Labs, Glidewell Dental Labs and the many fine custom ceramics available today.

But, Dr. Muslin works on the porcelain with the ceramist personally otherwise everyone’s teeth look the same. He wants to develop the ideal shapes, angles, texture and translucency for all of his patients. He has developed his own method after years of using the previously mentioned technologies.

The Dental Face Lift® and Implants

 Dental Face Lift<sup>®</sup> and Implants

The use of implants are a part of the bite reconstruction process in the development of the ultimate facial length, lip support and dental health if the patient is missing teeth.

Implant Dentistry is also important is restoring the bite in the Dental Face Lift ® and some of the more popular systems are:

  • BioHorizon
  • ITI
  • Straumann
  • 3I
  • Lifecore
  • Nobelbiocare, among others.

Can Any Dentist Treat With Face Lift Dentistry®?

 Treatment with Facelift Dentistry - Before and After

Treatment with Facelift Dentistry ® is a highly technical area of dentistry that covers every element of dental care possible. The Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ is a vital element in the quality and the comfort of the patient and this method has given patients pain relief very quickly. The jaw joint, headaches, clicking and popping must be addressed in providing Face Lift Dentistry® method.

The number one element in the quality of your care is your dentist and the skills, knowledge and experience with the technologies available today. There are many learning centers: Dental Universities as USC (University of Southern California), UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), Loma Linda University, University of the Pacific in San Francisco, LVI or (Las Vegas Institute) that each provide various levels of instruction that is constantly changing.

The Dental Face Lift ® or Face Lift Dentistry ® has a huge artistic component along with a high tech component. The artistic element of the care is so important that it will determine the ultimate success of the treatment but without the high tech component, results are compromised . We have all seen the Bad Porcelain Veneers and the Fake Porcelain Crowns. Dental Art and the Dental Artistic Skills of the Dentist Ceramist Team is vital if the patient is to look natural and feel comfortable. Thick Porcelain Veneers or Bad Porcelain crowns are a artistic cosmetic dentistry disaster.

OverBites and Small Chins

 OverBites and Small Chin Treated

The chin looks small because the bite position is not idealized to his facial structure. In 1885, Dr. Muslin completed this patient’s treatment and he would still have the small chin if the treatment was not completed.

Porcelain Veneers that break and fall off and thick looking Porcelain Crowns fail due to bruxism or grinding and a unsuccessful bonding technique by the dentist. As the patient grinds their teeth, the porcelain fractures and breaks off because the bond is weak and the bite position is less than ideal. It usually happens to a front tooth and the patient is very upset. The bite had to be in harmony with the TMJ in order to correct the overbite and give the patient a chilled masculine chin. The dentist needs to be skilled in three dimensional mandibular positioning.

Buck Teeth - Will I Be Able To Speak Clearly?

 Buck Teeth Treated - Before and After

Speech is another huge component to the Dental Face Lift® because the clarity of the speech and the quality of the "S" sounds are critical to the patient. Buck teeth are a result of the tongue forces and bone loss to the front teeth. The treatment does not require braces or jaw surgery.

Many patients have Cosmetic Dentistry that causes the quality of their speech to deteriorate. The Porcelain crowns or Veneers are too long or the incisal edge is in the wrong position for the patient to enunciate their words clearly. Bad Cosmetic Dentistry contributes to slurry speech and TMJ problems. Bad Dentistry or Fake looking Dentistry contributes to self-esteem issues so it is better to choose your dentist wisely even if you have to travel to see him or her.

Anti-Aging Dental Face Lift® and The Baby Boomer Breakthrough

 Baby Boomer Dentistry Miracle

The Dental Face Lift ® is a Baby Boomer Breakthrough. Dental Health is maximized by optimizing the jaw position to the patient’s facial structure using this method. He had an overbite, crooked teeth, clicking jaw joints and had premature aging.

The major breakthrough by Dr. Sam Muslin in the development of this technique evolved after advanced training in orthodontics, orthopedics, prosthetics, dental implants and bite reconstruction training and over 30 years of experience . He felt that dentistry could go to another level and he thanks all of these patients for giving him permission to show their faces and the results of his work. The Dental Face Lift ® Maximizes the patient’s health and self-esteem. The Dental Face Lift ® Maximizes, Speech, Jaw Joint Function, Occlusion or the Bite, TMJ Comfort and most important of all can support the entire face.

This is anti-aging dentistry and reversed the effects of the aging process by idealizing the jaw position to his facial structures.

Will I Look Younger? Reversing the Effects of Aging

 Reversing the Effects of Aging

When the teeth wears down, the face gets shorter. She has straight teeth and most dentists would tell her she has a great bite. Dr. Muslin told her that her bite could be improved along with the shape of her face.

Anti-Aging Dentistry & the Dental Face Lift® Method

A Facelift Dentistry ® makeover lifts the lips and supports the cheeks. It reduces the Sunken Face Look or the Collapsed Face look. Facial Collapse, Old Decayed Dentistry and mismatched dental work are all treated by replacing all of the old dentistry with new, matching porcelain using the Dental Face Lift® method.

The Shape of Your Face is Most Important

The Lips are Supported when the teeth are restored at the right lengths and angles. Thin lips are made even thinner by wear on your front teeth. The teeth support the Lips. Lips can be Fuller. Fuller Lips have a more youthful and vibrant look. Face Lift Dentistry ® helps the patients look younger, feel younger and improves health. The shape of her face is that of a younger person because she has the best possible jaw position and her bite was developed to accomplish it.

Most of the old dental work, old amalgum fillings, semi-precious crowns or non-precious metal crowns, porcelain veneers are removed. The black lines on the crowns are replaced with natural porcelain crown margins. The health of the patient is improved by removing old dental work is improved.

But, the self-esteem, the shape of their faces, lip support and comfortable bites transform the life of the patient. Call to discuss your particular dental issue and we can help you coordinate your travel to minimizing the number of trips.

Gum Disease

 Receding Gums Treatment - Before and After

Receding Gums Treatment. The Dental Face Lift® maximizes the health of your gums. Gum health is vital to the look and health of every patient. The infection in the gums is caused by old Amalgum fillings that no longer fit or seal. The gum infection is increased by food impaction between teeth.

Food impaction, poorly shaped crowns and old amalgum fillings are all removed, cleaned and sealed to provide the maximum gingival health.

Healthy gums mean a healthier body for the rest of your life. Healthy TMJ means a more comfortable bite for the rest of your life.

Teeth that support the face will make you look younger with fuller lips and a healthier smile. The Dental Face Lift® goes far beyond Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry deals with one dimension but the Dental Face Lift® deals with all dental dimensions.

The Dental Face Lift ® is three dimensional dentistry that maximizes health.

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