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The Dental FaceLift®

Beyond Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry - No Drilling, No Surgery

Treating Patients from All Over the United States and the World

Through the Dental FaceLift®, the shape of your face can be lengthened, thin lips can appear thicker, and wrinkles can be minimized. Worn down front and back teeth are restored to lengthen your face, the teeth can be angled to support your lips (if you would like fuller lips), and your bite is refined to a more natural and comfortable position. Aged yellow teeth receive a custom lighter shade to coordinate with your facial features and skin tone. You participate in the final shade and shape of your teeth to achieve the kind of look that you want.

Beyond Cosmetic Dentistry

 Before and After picture showing the revitalizing effect of the Dental Face Lift

My daughter said it took 15 years off of my face!! That was the nicest thing that she has said to me in years.

What is the Dental Face Lift®?

Anti-Aging Facelift Dentistry® is a non-surgical dental treatment, which revitalizes your appearance by reversing part of the ageing process. The goal of the Dental FaceLift® is to maximize your health, your appearance, and the function and comfort of your bite by providing comprehensive dental care without unnecessarily grinding on your teeth.

Many young individuals have facial deficiencies (such as a deep over bite) that could be significantly enhanced through various levels of cosmetic dental care. As we get older, the Anti-Aging Dental Face Lift ® can also revitalize our appearance by reversing years of wear and tear on our teeth. We can be restored to a point that is even better than where we were many years ago.

Both a deep over bite and worn down teeth cause a person's face to be shortened, compresses their lips, increases wrinkles around their mouth, cause TMJ problems, such as headaches, and compromises their smile. Their poor bite, in turn, compromises their health, comfort and appearance.

Beyond Cosmetic Dentistry

With the Dental FaceLift® your natural teeth usually do not have to be ground down, and you can generally go to work the very next day. Treatment time is about two weeks per arch with little post treatment discomfort. You may also choose to be sedated during your care.

By refining the structure of your face and reincorporating the esthetic traits exhibited during your youth the Dental FaceLift® can make you look and feel naturally younger.