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Bite Collapse Reversed

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JawTrac® Bite Correction Reverses Facial Collapse

The most natural part of aging is facial collapse. Patients are getting face-lifts but maybe should consider a new high-tech bite correction method. Bite correction reverses facial collapse in just a matter of a few weeks without facial surgery, and it is good for your health.

What is Bite Collapse?

Bite collapse is the result of the bite wearing down, causing the jaw to close too much resulting in the face becoming shorter. The soft tissue of the face buckles, wrinkles and folds form and the face starts looking older. When the bite collapses the jaw collapses, and then the face collapses, causing small chins and short round aging faces. The jaw position determines the shape of the face. Bite collapse and premature aging are reversed when the patient’s bite and jaw position is optimized to their facial structure.

Symptoms of bite collapse

When our bites get worn down, our soft tissue bunches up on the sides of our mouths because the soft tissue has lost support from an ideal jaw position.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

The aging face has lost the support from the teeth and bite. As both the teeth and bite wear down, the aging process accelerates. Reversing aging is all about the shape of your face and regaining the permanent support from your new teeth and bite. This patient had a lot of old porcelain crowns, fillings and porcelain veneers that were all replaced at one time with a matching set of porcelain restorations that reversed the aging process.

Reverse Aging by Optimizing the Jaw Position!

Reversing Aging by optimizing the jaw position

When you compare the faces, the face on the right has better lip support and fewer wrinkles. The patient's face has less tension and has permanent facial support because the optimized jaw position, using JawTrac®, gave her permanent facial support.

Finding the Best Anti-Aging Dentist

Any dentist can call himself or herself an anti-aging dentist. No training or special skill is required. Anti-aging dentistry is really nothing other than cosmetic dentistry designed to make you believe that you are getting something special, when in reality, you are not. The real goal of Anti-Aging Dentistry is to get improved health with an optimized bite that augments your face. Bite correction is the key and Face Lift Dentistry® is the ultimate method of non-invasive bite correction.

Video: JawTrac® Jaw Alignment and Bite Correction Reverses Facial Collapse

video Jaw Surgery Alternative


Jaw Alignment and Bite Collapse Treatment

The shape of the face is determined by the jaw position. Premature aging is reversed when the patient’s bite and jaw position is optimized to their facial structures using JawTrac®. JawTrac® optimizes the jaw position to the patients facial structures so the Face Lift Dentist® can coordinate the bite, jaw position and facial structures. Very few people have the most ideal bite, or ideal jaw position or the best possible shape to their faces.

The very low risk, non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry® Method is highly predictable and is much less painful than any other method. It was developed to “optimize” the shape of the patient's face by correcting overbites, underbites and bite collapse. With non-invasive, non-surgical VENALY® Restorations bite correction, bite collapse, jaw collapse and facial collapse are reversed without grinding down your healthy teeth. This treatment works quickly on teenagers and patients over 90 years of age because it is non-invasive, faster, less risk and far less painful than any other method available.

This may be the safest treatment available which makes this treatment the ultimate care for just about all ages.

The Ultimate and Non-Invasive Bite Correction

 The photo on the left shows worn yellow crooked teeth and an overbite. In the after photo on the right the entire face shows the outcome of treating her bite with Face Lift Dentistry<sup>®</sup>.

The bite specialist that previously treated this patient did not have the right jaw position, and her teeth do not have the right sizes and shapes. In the after photo, her jawline has been optimized with JawTrac® by Dr. Muslin and her face now looks years younger.

This patient already had bite correction but as you can see, it did not help her look younger. In order to receive the Face Lift Dentistry® bite correction method, all of her old dentistry was replaced with new porcelain crowns and veneers that improved her health, her bite and the shape of her face.

Non-invasive bite correction was also done on the remaining teeth that did not already have porcelain crowns and other restorations. Dr. Muslin was able to save her natural teeth that were healthy from the dental drill with VENLAY® Restorations. Her treatment included teeth that were never ground down along with teeth that were previously ground down.

Dr. Sam Muslin sincerely and humbly thanks this patient for allowing him to demonstrate the power of this treatment and how it enhances lives. JawTrac® jaw alignment with VENLAY® Restorations and the Face Lift Dentistry® method is the future of bite correction dentistry.

Sam Muslin, DDS

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