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Guide to the Human Body Systems

Educational Content by Dr. Sam Muslin

Treating Patients from All Over the United States and the World

The human body is comprised of several different systems. They work together to ensure that you can move, eat, and breathe. Each system has its own set of parts, each one with a different job. Learning more about some of the different human body systems means learning more about how you work and what is going on inside your own body every day.

Circulatory System

The human circulatory system

You need to keep blood moving to every part of your body at all times. The circulatory system makes sure this happens, carrying nutrients and oxygen all around your body. Made up of the heart, blood vessels, and your blood, the circulatory system is always working. If you put your hand on your chest or your wrist, you'll feel your pulse, proof that your circulatory system is hard at work.

Respiratory System

The human resperatory system

If you're breathing, your respiratory system is getting its job done! Your airways and lungs are just a few parts of this system. There are actually a lot of smaller pieces, including the bronchioles and the trachea, that make sure that oxygen makes its way into your body. The respiratory system works with the circulatory system to get oxygen to all of your body and then helps get rid of the carbon dioxide the body doesn't need.

Immune System

The human imune system

No one likes being sick. Your immune system helps prevent you from getting sick and fights off infections when you get them. This system is the body's defense from everything from a cold to different types of diseases. Your white blood cells are an important part of the system, as they seek out germs and attack them.

Skeletal System

The human skeletal system

Without the skeletal system, you'd probably be just a great big pile of mush! The bones work to give the body its shape and help you move. An adult body is made up of more than 200 bones, all working together to help keep the body stable and upright. Your teeth are also part of the skeletal system.

Excretory System

Just like taking the trash out when it is full, the human body also has a process for getting rid of waste. While the teeth may be one of the first things that come into contact with food, they certainly aren't the last. Getting rid of waste is actually a very important part of keeping the body healthy, and that's what the excretory system does.

Urinary System

The urinary system gives the body another way to get rid of waste. Made up of organs including the kidneys and the bladder, the urinary system helps the body to get rid of water and other things that it the body doesn't need. If this part of the body isn't working, it could cause a buildup of waste that could make you sick.

Muscular System

If you are moving, your muscles are working. The muscular system uses skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles to take care of the body. Lots of the organs involved in the other systems are actually muscles! Whether you are breathing, running, or even digesting food, the muscular system is getting the job done.

Endocrine System

There are lots of glands that make up the endocrine system. This system helps you grow and even has an effect on your mood and how you sleep. Many of the parts have interesting names, like the hypothalamus and the thyroid, and they all use different chemicals inside of your body to do their jobs. Without these parts, the body wouldn't be able to do lots of important things, including turning you from a kid into an adult.