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10 Telltale Signs Someone Needs Anti-Aging Dentistry

Non-surgical Anti-Aging Face Lift Dntistry® Without Drilling or Down Time

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Reviewed by Dr. Sam Muslin | Last Updated on 05/21/2020

When you have a "sinking jawline" due to the wear of your teeth, you look older and possibly grumpy. You may also have breathing, and sleeping problems due to less tongue space. When the shape of your face is “optimized”, with the jaw position that aligns with your structural anatomy, it reverses the impact of aging at its source.

Worn Teeth, A Misaligned Jaw and The Impact of Aging

A photo showing the signs of aging on the face of a middle-aged man. A misaligned jaw and worn teeth impacts his face resulting in an older grumpy look.

You are a candidate for anti-aging dentistry if you exhibit some of the following characteristics:

01 - You Look Grumpy or Angry

The teeth and bite determine the physical length of the face and the amount of facial support. Older looking faces look grumpy because the teeth are too short to support the face. The length of the face continues to shorten as the teeth wear down, and the bite deepens. Anti-Aging Dentistry can revitalize the entire face without surgery, botox or fillers, and the results are permanent.

02 - Your Teeth Are Short and Yellow

Short yellow teeth are typical for the baby boomer generation as by the time you reach 60 years of age, and your teeth represent your entire face. Short teeth from years of wear combined with a stained yellow color make a face look years older than necessary. Anti-Aging Dentistry can permanently lengthen and whiten the teeth without grinding down the patient's good teeth. You can look ten years younger, have straight white teeth in just a week!

03 - You Are Slurring Your Words

The reason the baby boomer generation is losing their ability to speak clearly is that their bites are deepening, and their teeth are shortening. They are now unconsciously using their tongues to attempt to speak clearly, and everyone knows something is wrong but the baby boomer themselves. They don't even realize that the aging teeth need to be idealized in order for the patient to function clearly. Crisp and clear speech is the result of an high-quality dentist creating the best tooth angles and lengths that help the aging face to speak like a younger person. Face Lift Dentistry is the ideal treatment for someone that wants to look and sound naturally younger!

04 - Only Lower Teeth Show When Talking

Old people show lower teeth, and younger people show upper teeth. Try this test: Do not smile or grin. Go stand in front of a mirror and speak naturally in the mirror. Do not do anything special, just watch yourself talk, and you will honestly see that it is time for a positive change. Anti-Aging Dentistry can change your health and appearance for the rest of your life. Don't wait until a young person asks you if you have any upper teeth. Face Lift Dentistry® can create the bite that allows the upper teeth to show just like with a younger person.

05 - Your Chin Looks Too Small

Many people look like they have a small chin but actually have a deep overbite that makes their chin look smaller. Anit-Aging, Face Lift Dentistry, not only lengthens the face, but actually develops the full potential of the patient's original chin size. The chin is bigger than it looks, and with the best bite developed for each patient's chin, the entire face becomes younger and proportionately balanced.

Looking and Feeling Younger After Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry

Photo showing the before and after effect of Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry

06 - You Are Considering a Facelift

The only problem with a facelift is that it is surgically complex and not permanent. Most patients have an aging face because they have lost facial support by their teeth. The teeth can provide enormous facial support, permanent facial lengthening, and you will look naturally younger. I am not against a Face Lift, but Anti-Aging Dentistry has huge health benefits that can last a lifetime. If you want to improve your health and look years younger, Anti-Aging Dentistry should be a consideration instead of or along with a facelift.

07 - You Just Had a Facelift

Facelifts cannot support your face. Teeth can support the face and the lips that reduce facial wrinkles and supports the lips for a naturally fuller and permanent support. No facial injections or botox are necessary when the teeth are shaped to support the face. The biggest benefit that the teeth can provide is the formation of the ideal bite lift for the patient. Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® can augment the surgical facelift for the best possible results.

08 - You Want to Preserve Your Teeth

Anti-Aging Dentistry adds a new layer of porcelain that becomes a protective layer that preserves your natural teeth. The new porcelain layer can make the teeth have a new shine and a more natural-looking color. The bite is preserved, and the porcelain layer withstands all of the wear instead of the natural teeth. I treated a man that was 60 years of age with the new porcelain layer, and he wore them for 26 years before he passed away. He looks younger than any of his friends and enjoyed a natural smile.

09 - You Have a Bad Bite

Bad bites cause our bodies to work unnaturally hard. Bad Bites contribute to teeth grinding, headaches, deep overbites, and sore jaws. Many people go through their entire lives with a bad bite, and the only reward they got was that they looked older. Bad bites are uncomfortable, unsightly, and contribute to varying degrees of facial collapse during the aging process. Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry creates the best bite position, protects the natural teeth, supports and lengthens the face and reverses years aging.

10 - Overbite or Underbite, and Teeth Grinding

Anti-Aging dentistry treats a bad occlusion by reversing the negative aspects and the trauma. Many patients suffer from TMJ pain and have no idea the Anti-Aging Dentistry can be the solution. People are living to 100 years of age as our life expectancies keep increasing. We are living longer, and we are also living larger. To get the most out of life, we must maximize our health. Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry helps us live longer, healthier lives. Every aspect of our appearance and our comfort can be improved to some level with non-invasive, anti-aging dentistry.

Sam Muslin DDS, MAGD

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