Palate Expanders and Underbite Correction

Question: In this underbite correction case, did you use a palate expander? I have an underbite and had braces done last December. My orthodontist did not mention anything about palate expanders.

Dr. Sam Muslin Answers: Face Lift Dentistry treatment is an innovative trademarked procedure for high tech dentistry.  This patient was told she needed surgery to her jaw and years of braces by multiple dentists.  Surgery, braces, palate expanders are all possible solutions and have a valid place in patient care.

Underbite Correction -  Before and After PhotosHowever, Face Lift Dentistry treatment only takes about 2 weeks with only 2 visits and no surgery, no palate expander, no braces, no retainers and no down time from work is necessary.  The approach to each patient’s specific needs is a creative approach utilizing the most minimally invasive methods to achieve maximum benefit. Every patient has their own unique treatment plan that benefits from the exclusive Face Lift Dentistry technology that is used for their care.