Video: Correcting Large Front Teeth And A Narrow Smile

She had always thought that her two front teeth were too big and that she had a narrow smile. After consultations with several dentists they all recommended grinding down her front teeth. Something about grinding down perfectly good teeth did not sit right with her so she started researching other alternatives. She came across Dr. Muslin’s before and after photos of his a non-invasive work and she knew that she wanted her work done by him.
In reality her two front teeth were not too large at all. The problem was actually that her side teeth were far too small. Because her side teeth were too small it left her front teeth looking extremely large an out of proportion. Likewise, the undersized side teeth made her smile very narrow and too gummy. Watch the video below and read the case study here.


No-Grinding Porcelain Veneers

After some discussion Dr. Muslin made a shocking recommendation. He suggested that the two front teeth NOT receive veneers at all. Rather than sacrifice the health of the larger teeth by grinding them down for veneers he explained that the better plan would be to veneer the smaller side teeth. By veneering the side teeth he could increase their size so that the front teeth would not look so large. He also suggested a minor gum surgery to minimize the gummy smile on the sides. This non-invasive strategy meant no grinding and it preserved all of her tooth structure.

Buck Teeth, Bunny teeth, Large front teeth and porcelain veneers resulted in changing the look of her smile in only two visits. None of her healthy teeth needed grinding. This is non-invasive dentistry at its best.

Large Front Teeth Correction

There are a lot of variations that are possible when a patient has large front teeth. How many of the teeth are too large? Are they tipped or angled toward the lips? The dentist needs to understand the bite and the occlusion in order to correct the cosmetic problems to large upper front teeth. Sometimes a patient has braces completed and when the braces come off, they are disappointed that the two front teeth look so large. The wonderful part of non-invasive porcelain veneers is that the cosmetic dentist can be creative and develop a smile while saving the healthy teeth. This patient has teeth veneers on her front teeth that are small and no porcelain veneers on the large front teeth in order to balance the sizes. This solution may not work for other patients but for this patient is was the ultimate solution. The challenge for the dentist is to match the color of the natural teeth to the porcelain veneered teeth.

Her two front teeth are natural and the three teeth on the side have no prep
porcelain veneers. The colors match perfectly even with flash photography.

Big Front Teeth

Creating a treatment plan that places porcelain veneers on just the teeth on the side is one of the hardest treatments to do. The challenge is to get the porcelain to perfectly match the two big front teeth. As such, the porcelain veneers on the side teeth had to be custom made to assure that the color and light transmission was optically correct. She now has a fuller and wider smile that she can be proud to show off. The finished look is totally natural and the veneers blend perfectly with her natural teeth in all of the various types of lighting. Best of all, her entire look was achieve without compromising the health of her teeth in any way. She had no prep, no shots type of non-invasive porcelain veneers.

Bunny Teeth

You know you are in trouble when someone says you have “bunny teeth”. They are not paying you a compliment even if they say you look “cute”. Nobody really wants bunny teeth anymore than they want to look like a rabbit. The treatment can vary from braces, to clear removable retainers, to porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers. Would the patient look better with no prep porcelain veneers? Should the patient get both large teeth ground down for porcelain crowns in order to make them smaller in appearance? There are different solutions for different types of bunny teeth.

Changing the Look of Front Teeth

We have covered bunny teeth, large front teeth and big teeth but how about Buck Teeth? Buck teeth are not only large but they stick out and generally are tipped or tilted. Some of these patient do not want to wear braces and if they had the cosmetic dentist make porcelain crowns the teeth would still look too big. It is now important to study the patient’s lips in order to decide on the best possible treatment. The patient’s lips will generally dictate the type of cosmetic dentistry that can solve the buck teeth appearance. Once the cosmetic dentist understands the lip position, changing the look of the front teeth becomes a matter of choosing the best type of solution.