Orthognathic Surgery Alternative

Patients today are being advised that they will have to have jaw surgery to solve their skeletal Malocclusions.  They could have a bad bite, an overbite or under bite or TMJ problems or they could look out of balance because they have a jaw size discrepancy. When patient’s have a jaw size difference, the common recommendation is jaw surgery to match the jaw sizes.

This patient was treated without jaw surgery with porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns on only her upper teeth while Dr. Muslin esthetically reshaped her lower teeth and then whitened them using his custom teeth whitening system.

Single Jaw Surgery

This patient is very unhappy cosmetically because she has a large lower jaw and a small upper jaw that is called an underbite.  She went to several orthodontic specialists and oral surgeons for opinions regarding her under bite and each one recommended jaw surgery to her lower jaw in order to make it smaller.  This patient did not want jaw surgery and orthodontics or braces for a year or two.  She wanted deep underbite treatment without Orthognathic surgery and was thrilled to know that there was another treatment option.


Double Jaw Surgery

She also got another recommendation of double jaw surgery and braces for 2 years.  This oral surgeon wanted to do surgery on her upper jaw to make it larger and jaw surgery to her lower jaw to make it smaller.  However, after flying from England to the United States for a consultation with Dr. Sam Muslin in Santa Monica California, she was thrilled to learn that he would be able to treat her without double jaw surgery or single jaw surgery.  He was able to see that her lower jaw would naturally move back a little and he could increase the size of her teeth on the upper jaw in order to create a balanced bite and incredible cosmetic results.  After the treatment was completed she said, “Oh my gosh, you have changed my life forever, thank you so much Dr. Muslin”.

Skeletal Malocclusions

Dr. Sam Muslin has been awarded LA’s Best Cosmetic Dentist for 2012 but cautions his prospective patients that skeletal malocclusions are best treated with surgery on extreme jaw size discrepancies. He has found that after his analysis, the skeletal malocclusions are not a severe as they appear because of the bad bites as deep overbites or underbites that make the patient’s skeletal malocclusion look worse.  He has found that with his deep overbite correction and underbite correction methods, the skeletal malocclusions can be greatly reduced without surgery.  He views his patients have been spared the risks to orthognathic surgery and spared the pain, swelling and down time from work with his under bite correction and overbite correction methods.  All too often patients are only being told about orthognathic surgery solutions with there are non-invasive dentistry solutions with under bite and overbite correction treatment possibilities.