Biting your nails is bad for your teeth

Onychophagia, or nail biting, is a fairly common nervous habit that most commonly occurs in childhood, though many adults also suffer from it. Considered an obsessive-compulsive disorder, this activity can damage your teeth.

Nail biting can potentially result in alveolar destruction, crowding, rotation, malocclusion, or attrition of the incisors.

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Are your teeth clean enough?

Flossing is probably the biggest habit that everyone knows they should do, but seldom follow through. However, if you don’t floss there’s a much higher chance of suffering from tooth decay, gingivitis and many other health complications.

Food gets stuck between our teeth and that causes plaque build-up. If left alone for only 24 hours, plaque can harden into tartar which can only be removed by a dentist. Flossing is the answer to this problem.

Flossing isn’t as horrible or difficult as it seems. Yes, your gums will probably bleed after flossing if you haven’t done it for a while, but over time they’ll toughen up. If you floss daily for a couple weeks and your gums are still bleeding, you should see your dentist to make sure there aren’t other issues.

To floss, simply grip a good length of floss (20 inches is plenty) and wrap the ends around your fingers leaving a 1-2 inch gap. Slid the floss up and down around each tooth and under the gums, but it’s not necessary to “shoe-shine” it. The type of floss you use doesn’t really matter, and there are different threaders and picks available that make it even easier.

Remember to visit your dentist twice a year!

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New material could replace lost enamel for stronger teeth

Many people suffer tooth sensitivity due to a loss of enamel, which leaves the porous dentine exposed and vulnerable. A new material has been created that could potentially replace natural enamel and protect teeth.

The product, made from calcium and phosphorous, has been tested on dog’s teeth with promising results.

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Heart attack severity associated with inflammatory gum disease

Chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory gum disease that causes tooth loss. Recently University of Granada researchers have found a close link between the disease and heart attack severity.

A total of 112 patients who had experienced a heart attack were examined by researchers with a series of health checks and tests, including cardiological, biochemical and periodontal. Further research will be necessary to confirm their findings.

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Are you worried about smoking and dental health?

If you’re a smoker you’re likely tired of reading about all the harm smoking does, and yet here you are, reading this post. In a recent British survey it was found that only 44% of UK smokers are worried about how smoking affects teeth, and even less are worried about the impact it has on gums. Unfortunately there is a lot to worry about.

Aside from bad breath and surface stains (your teeth will get more yellow the more you smoke), smokers are 7 to 10 times more likely to get oral cancer in comparison with those who’ve never smoked. It also increases the risk of leukoplakia, jaw bone deterioration, and gum disease. Scary stuff, right?

Are the pleasures of smoking really worth the risk? You might feel great now, but years down the road you could be looking back on your life with some huge regrets. No Smoking Day is March 11th this year. Do yourself a monumental favor and put the cancer sticks down for good. There’s a world of support waiting for you.

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Strawberries and bananas for a whiter smile

The old adage says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but can a banana save you the trouble of an expensive teeth whitening procedure?

Apparently rubbing the fleshy inside of a banana peel on your teeth can remove surface stains, resulting in a brighter smile. Let the pulp from the peel sit on your teeth for 15 minutes before brushing. Strawberries are another natural option.

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The link between diabetes and oral health

Diabetes results in hyperglycemia – too much sugar in your blood. That also translates to too much sugar in your saliva, which is bad news for your teeth.

Bacteria multiply due to the extra sugar and cause excess plaque, resulting in gum disease and tooth decay. Those with diabetes need to take extra care with their oral health practices.

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Making your personal brand work for you!

Personal branding is important if you have or are seeking any job in a professional environment. How others see you affects many aspects of your professional and personal life, so establishing a strong personal brand is important for success. Here are a few ways you can set yourself apart.

First, start by asking others how they see you. Pay attention to how people describe you. You can use that feedback to your advantage by emphasizing those positive qualities as part of your brand.

Reinforce the attitude and reputation you’re building with a quality online presence. Create a website, blog, and social media profiles as part of your personal portfolio. Make sure you’ve got a great professional head shot as your photo.

Create some personalized, branded stationary and use it to write letters and notes to people, especially in thanks. Make sure you have some awesome business cards handy at all times – you never know when you’ll have the opportunity to make a new connection.

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Stop taking oral health lightly – it’s important!

We need our teeth, and without good oral hygiene practices we can lose them. Healthy teeth allow us to chew our food and are an important part of the digestion process.

In order to take good care of your teeth, you have to brush them twice a day and rinse your mouth after eating anything sweet or sticky. Your dentist can give you options when it comes to procedures to help fix oral issues.

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Free oral cancer screenings promote early detection and awareness

Big strides in medicine and education have decreased the spread of many cancers, but oral cancer is still on the rise. OralID has partnered with the Academy of Laser Dentistry to raise awareness for oral cancer this year.

They are working to push the importance of early detection by providing screenings for oral cancer for free. It’s estimated that oral cancer causes one American death per hour. Education about oral cancer is their mission.

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